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Quarantine Beauty w/ The Fujifilm X100v

   So as you all know, we're currently under Quarantine here in the US & everyone is losing their minds. I think what's more devastating is being locked in & unable to work. However I've been perfecting my craft during these unfortunate times. Stuck at home with my wife and kids there's never a dull moment, Until there is. This blog is about the Fujifilm x100v's beauty & portrait capabilities.

  I know It's commonly known as a street photographers camera but I'm the type of photographer who likes to simplify and shrink my gear to be more travel friendly. I like the minimalistic approach, that way I can focus more on the subject and scenery rather than all of the technicalities that comes with owning a full frame camera. I've previously owned the x100F & I must say, I love the nostalgic vibes from the x100's lineup. I highly recommend this camera for beginners who are learning photography & for those professional photographers who are looking to find the joy in photography again. This camera makes you want to get out and shoot.

Fujifilm x100V Specs      

    The Fujifilm X100V is a high-end compact camera aimed at enthusiasts and street photographers, featuring a 26 Megapixel APSC sensor, fixed 23mm f2 lens, hybrid viewfinder, tilting touch-screen and 4k video. Announced in February 2020, it’s the fifth model in the popular series and succeeds the X100F released roughly two years previously. Note the letter in the title previously referred to its position in the series, such as S for second and T for third, but since F was used for the fourth version, Fujifilm has opted for Roman numerals here with V. The X100V, like its predecessors, packs Fujifilm’s latest APSC sensor, in this case, the X-Trans 4, equipping it with 26 Megapixels, a broad array of embedded phase-detect autofocus points, burst shooting up to 11fps with the mechanical shutter or 20 with the electronic (uncropped), and support for the most recent Classic Negative, Eterna and Acros Film Simulations. The X100V also becomes the first model in the series to record 4k video in UHD or the wider Cinema-4k formats at 24 to 30p for ten minute clips, or 1080 video for up to 15 minutes; 10-bit 4:2:2 output is also available over HDMI. At first glance the X100V looks a great deal like the earlier models, although for the first time sports weather-sealing, so long as you fit the optional adapter ring and filter. It’s also the first X100 model to offer a tilting touchscreen and it does make it easier to frame at low angles. 

Below you'll see various shots all taken with the Fujifilm x100V.

Shot with an on camera flash attached. Another image shot in studio with an Alien Bee B800 & Neewer Beauty dish.

Even a shot with the built in flash. All images are retouched.

Muse: @Nadirah.Ali

©2020 ShotBySed | SXS Beauty™ 

Camera: Fujifilm X100v Flash: Profoto A1© 2020 ShotBySed | SXS Beauty

Camera: Fujifilm X100v  Strobe: Alien Bee B800 w/ Beauty Dish overhead | © 2020 ShotBySed | SXS Beauty

Camera: Fujifilm x100v Flash: Profoto A1 on camera | © 2020 ShotBySed | SXS Beauty

Camera: Fujifilm x100v Flash: Built In Flash | ©2020 ShotBySed | SXS Beauty

Camera: Fujifilm x100v | Flash: Profoto A1 testing leaf shutter against the sun | ©2020 ShotBySed

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